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Engineering Govt Jobs 24.03.2023:– Welcome to Sarkari Results for Engineers 2023 Section. Are you looking for the Latest Engineering Govt Jobs 24.03.2023? Well, then check the Recently announced Sarkari Results for Diploma holder. There are many candidates who are interested in going to the government sector after engineering. If you have a degree in engineering then you can easily apply for these vacancies mentioned below.

Engineering is that department in which you can get a good level job in the government and private sector both. In India, the craze of the government job is on the Top. That’s a reason majorly engineers ashtray to get the government job. If you are come here to search for any new Engineering Govt Jobs then you are in the right place.

Below you find the list of the government jobs list that is reserved for those who has Engineering degree. This list is updated with new jobs, if you want to search for any old Diploma Govt Jobs 2023 then you can click on the MORE option and apply for any old govt job. If you are Engineer and you are searching for a govt job then you can fill the form for any job that mentioned in the list below.

♦ Latest Engineering Govt Jobs List Updated on: 24.03.2023

Engineering Govt Jobs in India And Education Qualification

For holding the engineering degree people do too much effort. I am feeling so sad that after doing a lot of hard work for passing engineering and after this they are not able to get any job. There are many people In India who are not able to find any job after doing engineering. There are main two reasons for people/students to start engineering are Family Pressure and Good Future. There are some people who claim that after engineering you can get a good job but after the survey, we found that only 30 to 40 percent of students get direct placement. So after the placement of the colleges 50 to 60 percent of engineers start searching for the job.

After doing engineering, Around 70 percent of engineer try to enter in the government sector. That’s a reason some people reject private jobs because for 1-2 years they try to pick any government job. There are many graduation jobs in which competition increases due to the engineers. There are too many engineers who do not know that through his branch where and which post he can get the job. Here you find the all answers through Branch-Wise. There are main three branches through which you have a lot of chances of getting a govt job. But if you belong to any other branch then there is very little chance to get got a job(Reason fewer Vacancies). In short words, Engineering Govt Jobs are majorly for these three branches named Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical.

Engineering Govt Jobs 2023

♦ Mechanical Engineering Govt Jobs 2023

This is one of the common branches in engineering. There are many Government Sectors in which complete recruitment For the Mechanical Branch. In the Upcoming 2023, there are many vacancies are coming in which you can easily apply for.

If you belong to the Mechanical branch then the PSU govt job is best for you. But If your dream to join the Indian Army then Mechanical Branch also best for you. For Selection in the Army, you should need to Clear TGC Interview. Only only this, there are many government organizations that do recruitment of the Mechanical Engineer on the basis of the Entrance Test. And another most required place of mechanical engineers is Railway. The only railway announces 1000 to 3000 jobs recruitment every year. In the year 2000 to 8000(Approx) mechanical engineer hired by the government organization. If you want to fill the form for the Engineering Govt Jobs of Mechanical Branch then you will find the Job notification here first.

♦ Civil Engineering Govt Jobs 2023

According to the, this is the best branch for the government job seeker engineer. Out of all branches, In civil engineering, you have a lot of chances to get a government job. Around 1000 to 15,000(Approx) civil engineers hired by the government every year. In the Upcoming 2023, there are many vacancies are coming in which you can easily apply for.

The Best government job for civil engineers is that IES(Indian Engineering Service), PWD Department Job, And SSC JAE. This is better because these are that government organization that hires civil engineers on a large scale and you can get full satisfaction from these jobs In Salary, Work Load, Facilities.

If you are a Civil Engineer then I give advice to you that you should participate in every Civil Engineer Recruitment. If you doing good self-study then I am sure that you will be passed on 1-2 exams. According to us, the era of Engineering Govt Jobs 2023 is for civil engineers. Never miss any recruitment and if you are in regular touch with then I am sure that you will never miss any Engineering Govt Jobs any update and notifications.

♦ Electrical Engineering Govt Jobs 2023

Electrical Branch Engineers has also a bright future in the government sector. The major recruitment of Electrical Engineers done by the state government. Around 1000 to 4000 electrical hired by the state and central government. In the upcoming 2023 there are a lot of vacancies that will come for the electrical engineers. So stay tuned with the for knowing all-new updates of every Engineering Govt Jobs.

♦ Electronics And Computer Engineering Govt Jobs 2023

This is the most ignorable branch of Engineering by the government sector. Not completely ignored, But there are some vacancies that are reserved for these branches. These vacancies are not suitable for today’s competition.

Sometimes the state governments require computer teachers and these computer teacher qualifications are only a computer engineering degree. If you have a passion for research and teaching then you should try for this job. And there is some department that requires computer engineers but in fewer amounts. But on you will never miss job updates regarding computer engineering vacancy. So stay in touch with this Article.

Also, Some times government required Electronics branch engineers but there is a big condition. The government hires Electronics branch engineers on a contract basis. This is the only branch engineers who faced this problem in the government sector. But if your only motive to get a government job then you can do this job. You will get all the latest job updates regarding his Electronics branch engineering you find in the list above.

These are government jobs and opportunities in front of an engineer. Do not worry about your job, If you did not get a job in the private sector but I am sure that you will get any job in the government sector if you are doing hard work continuously. There are many friends which not selected in the college placement but they got selected in the government sector by doing hard work of 1-2 years.

State Vs Central Engineering Govt Jobs 2023
Both states and the central government requires engineers. So both have recruitment different. Here we will compare both government engineering jobs through many points.

  • Competition – After the experience of 3 years, we found that Selection in the State government of Engineers is slightly less competitive than the central government Engineers. And there are some states in which state government job and central government job competition is equal for engineers. Like Delhi, Haryana, Maharastra, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Punjab.
  • Salary & Comfort – If you want to compare salary and comfort then you will find that Central government department Engineer has more salary and comfort.
  • Selection Process & Vacancy:- After noticing all vacancies for 3 years We found that the central government hired more engineers than the state governments. In short words, the central government announces more Engineer Vacancy than the state government. Also in the selection process clearly central government winning the race. The central government selection process of the engineers is very fast than the state government. For complete normal recruitment of Engineers, the Central government takes 6-7 months but on the other hand, some state governments take 2-3 years to complete the recruitment.

After all comparison, we found that Life in the central government selected engineer is good then the state government. The new type of recruitment that the state government started is they start hiring Engineers on the basis of the contract. In my point of view you must try for both types of Engineering government jobs and all-new Engineering Govt Jobs update you will find here.

Top Engineering Govt Jobs For Job Seeker

♦ Delhi Metro Rail Corporation – DMRC

Education Qualification:- B.Tech From Any Branch

Age Limit:- 18-27 Years

Salary:- Rs. 40,200 to 65,200 Approx

Application Mode:- Online and sometimes offline

Please Note: This job comes in the first preference of the because this job recruitment will be coming in 2023 with a large number of vacant seats. For all types of Engineering branches, have different jobs and different vacant seats. This is one of the best chances to get the Engineering government job in 2023. If you are an engineer then you should not leave this chance. For knowing every update of this job you should need to get in touch with

♦ Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineers Exam

Education Qualification:- B.Tech From Any Branch

Age Limit:- 18 to 27 Years

Salary:- Rs. 40,200 to 65,200 Approximately

Application Mode:- Online

Please Note: This is one of the other recruitment that is coming in 2023. In the recruitment of SSC Jae, Civil Engineers are majorly hired. All examination and selection procedure comes under the SSC Board. So do prepare according to the SSC. At the last of 2023, you can easily find the all updates on the job on (Means Here).

♦ Railway Engineers Jobs And DRDO Engineers Exam

Education Qualification:- B.Tech From Any Branch

Age Limit:- 18 to 27 Years

Salary:- Rs. 40,000 to 65,000 Approximately

Application Mode:- Online

Please Note: These both organizations hired engineers on a regular basis. In every 6-8 months, Both DRDO and railway hired engineers of Different Branches. Both departments announce their vacancies very surprisingly, So if you are a subscriber of the then you surely get the notification Drdo and railway department job directly in your Inbox.

These are those jobs which select on the basis of the Upcoming number of vacancies and less competition. I know there are many jobs of engineers that are very top level but not mentioned in this list. The reason behind this is to show the government job opportunity in front of newly passed engineers. But do not worry in this article you find an update of every engineering government job.

Best Govt Jobs Option For the Engineering Pass Candidate

If you are an Engineer and your only motive to get any government job only then you should need to participate in Graduation government jobs, 12th pass government jobs, and 10th pass government jobs, with engineering government jobs.

For competing in these fields you should do preparation Of the SSC Syllabus properly. The main benefit of preparing the SSC syllabus is it helps you in the engineering government job exam also. According to, the best option for the engineer is that the Candidate Should participate in some other types of exams with engineering exams but participate in every exam with full preparation.

Q.1 What are the Latest Engineering Govt Jobs in India?

ᐅ There is a list of the Sarkari Results that are mentioned above. In that list all jobs that are mentioned only for the Engineers. Every new Engineering Govt Jobs, this list gets updated. For new updates, You should need to get in touch with

Q.2 Do Provide Engineering Govt Jobs Regularly?

ᐅ is committed to providing Engineering Govt Jobs with all the latest govt jobs daily. Here we have a dedicated team of professionals who provide instant Engineering Govt Job Update.

Q.3 Which engineering is best for government jobs?

ᐅ The below courses are the best for getting jobs in the government sector: (I) Electrical Engineering (II) Mechanical engineering (III) Civil Engineering etc.

Q.4 Which branch is best for government jobs?

ᐅ Engineering branches that will help one get Government job easily (I) Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering (II) Mechanical Engineering (III) Chemical Engineering etc.

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